Them's The Brakes

Well, Oil Be Damned.

So there was a recent incident. Someone completely drained the oil from within my vehicle. The problem was not only the oil being drained, but they also loosened the brake line that just enough in hopes that it would come apart while driving. Fortunately, I slam and pump brakes each time, I had the pedal depressed, started the car which usually puts it back up to the top as the brake master cylinder charges... This time, it was just a chunk as it broke loose. I could then feel nothing but mushy brakes. I had to pop a brand new can of BOSCH DOT 5.1 to replace the fluid that was already in there. I had not replaced my oil for quite some time as it was that new stuff that doesn't need to be replaced so often. It was due for a change but still, I could have gone another 6 months.

It really wasn't a good time for all this, financially, and it never is. I'm not sure as I have no enemies whatsoever. But the world is 'full of crazy people' as the North American Rap group, "REHAB", would say. They replaced the oil plug which lets me know they intended for me to drive it and it crap out with no brakes. Fortunately, the systems indicators let me know everything that was happening. I'm always the guy who helps people and tells you straight up what things are. Full disclosure as it were. So to have someone do this, quite the mystery. People get into strange moods lately and from what I've gathered, none of them think they are in the wrong. Who knows what this could be, it could even be a smelly protester mad because they don't have a car. However, judging by the amount of torque applied and the way it was done, we are dealing with someone who either practiced or they do this a lot anyways. Either an enthusiast, or a mechanic. (Or an enthusiast posing as a mechanic). Either way the whole thing is unsettling. However, it's not as unsettling as those people's lives must be, so there's that.

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