Leaping Lizards

Another Close Call

Well, on my quest for health, I stopped smoking altogether. The past couple of weeks I have been smelling smoke constantly even though there was no smoking going on at all. There were these awful smells that no one else seemed to smell and it was just a nightmare. Finally whatever damage I caused by my previous efforts broke free and all hell broke loose. What I am thinking happened is all the years of living, (40 to be exact) caused me to gain what could be tumors in my head. Cell phone usage, smoking, poor breathing conditions, lack of water, lack of oxygen, these all contribute heavily to the disease wall that was holding in whatever is in a tumor. That's why it might not be such a great idea to try to attack and break free these tumors all at once because where do they end up? Well in my case, it ended draining back into me, causing me to have to go to the emergency room. I was barely alive, if it wasn't for the saline solution, the epertise of the medical staff, and the care of the nursing staff, I would not be here tapping away right now. Out of the woods, I feel better. Going forward, it's not so surprising that these things happen, it just is surprising that they are happening to me! I was always the support system for people undergoing trauma, mostly never being involved in health scares. This time, I think I'll take it slow and readjust my diet to something a bit more permenent, solid, and substantial. Life is way to short to waste it eating garbage.


Link to what I found. All the more reason to give up smoking if you are one of the many people who haven't done so yet. Personally I've quit smoking at 40 years old after smoking since I was 12. I feel great, no wanting for tobacco at all, and it wasn't really a hard choice after so many years. I do not even vape nicotine any more.

Peace is the Mission.

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