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Just as I had suspected

Well, for someone who enjoys technology I sure didn't google myself as much as I should have. There are many things I do on the computer but googling myself wasn't one of them until just recently.

I started noticing some strange activity and the feeling that someone was impersonating me was ever present. I decided to do some digging and see what I could find researching my name via google. To my surprise, there wasn't much information available. I thought for sure there would be some funny pictures or some kind of stupid nonsense. There wasn't. There were a few things I had posted and a lot of other people named me, but nothing. Curious as to what the other people were up to I started researching my name. That's when it became interesting.

There were a lot of linkedin profile photos, a lot of deceased, and some just strange looking pictures. Not knowing what's what, I just started going about my business researching what I could dig up about myself. I found it to be quite shocking as the image for the first person, was an image of Anthony Foxx, Transport Secretary. I've always seen the exxon mobil name since I've been online, that I know. The other one was the gunpowder plot, Guy Fawkes related: "Stephen Lyttleton." However, the library of congress had it listed as "Littleton" which they made a point to distinguish it was commonly spelled that way.

There were mostly fake profiles and strange articles relating to stuff in my life that maybe was meant to scare me or shake me up? Like some type of intimidation tactic. I believe for a power move, it all seems half thought out, anyways. This was before the Snowden NSA reveal, so it may have even been a warning.

At any rate I found most of the terms and results to be fake and part of the bigger social media networks. They use the advertising networks to move data and messages around and they thought it would be a good idea to attack me. There are also some interesting developments with a certain "Stephen Singleton" that just appeared. I'm curious because this person supposedely was around in the 50's making music? They look like a younger man, however, and are supposed to be recent. It's very odd, indeed.

It's all paid, the exxon guy? With all that engine no. 1 stuff? I'm not too sure it was a real incident, I'm pretty sure they hired those guys because it seems pretty darn fake to me, and not only that I get alerts and it was around the time the person retired, so it may have been a retirement gag. Who knows.

Now I'm stuck having to fight tooth and nail for every inch of virtual real estate. It's a nightmare and couldn't be at a worse time, but it's sink or swim. I need to claim control or else I will never reach full web supremecy.

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