To be understood correctly is one thing, to be misunderstood correctly is quite the other.

I look back on my life and the one thing I regret the most more than anything is bias. Understandably so, bias is there for a reason. You can't just go singing songs around people who look a certain way because of bias and while that person or group of people might not react to the singing in a negative way, there is almost certainly some who appear a certain way who will react negatively to the singing. Bias is there for reasons of survival, and other reasons like not wanting to have a bad time. However, bias is mostly for survival. Just because it's there doesn't mean we have to use it.

It's this bias that I went through in life not exploring some other aspects because of how I felt I may appear or the bias that came with all that. To be clear, I have nothing against bias itself and overcoming the fear of it and the aspects that it brings is a positive human experience that brings much enthusiasm to the developmental process. Understanding one's self through others in a positive and realistic way.

One thing living in America has taught me is that bias is brought on by the need to conquer. Once that need is eliminated, for instance being in a democracy where the leading faction isn't necessarily the best or the biggest but the most realistic, one can truly get over the need to look down upon others. No longer do we have to worry about if a predetermined appearance will be the deciding factor when bias is eliminated. It's never too late, until it is. I didn't want it to be too late so I decided that effective immediately I would start fresh. The world just isn't the same as it used to be. That's a straight up fact. There are no beanie babies and ladies running around Walmart haggling eating popcorn and all that. This reality is over. So are the bias that went along with it. Moving forward that type of behavior simply won't propel us in the direction we need to go which is forward and up. Constantly. Otherwise go ahead and step out of the time door right now. Exit the timeline because it won't wait for you.

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