Social Media

My recent trip through social media.

Doing my research for these past 2 months I've noticed the landscape completely changing. More and more people are leaving technology behind. People are becoming more concerned with simply surviving and finding a new way then they are willing to put up with this garbage we keep being fed. Trying to reach out was more than a challenge. I got very little engagement from people. Most folks realize now they are powerless and simply want to disengage. A lot of people are stuck, still on a loop and it's strange because when I talk to them it's like the loop subsides and they give up. We are all just trying to make a positive future for ourselves. There are those out there who seek to destroy because they couldn't be bothered to make an effort towards a brighter future.

The days of tolerance are far gone. I can feel the yearning for the bloodshed. Things must change. Not in a brash overnight kind of way, but a slow and painful to our enemies type of way. It must be done. The alternatives, to do nothing, just does not fit me anymore. I've been waiting and deciding. I wanted to clear everything to make a proper decision. It has been made. Judgement has been passed.

Social media is just a reflective of this. They are so pathetic they are literally attacking anything and everything. These are just people who consider themselves "The Older, Edgier kids" vs "the younger ones". Thats who your vandals and criminals are. They are simple kids who never grew up. There's nothing more to social media. No one cares now, no one will care in the future. It is a place to share your stories and to interact, not some type of pathetic battleground. More and more so its treated as such. With society being so apathetic and tepid, they've failed to define proper social boundries. This led to people getting away with behavior that has not been properly defined. Who even would participate in such a thing?

The whole experience was a bunch of pathetic people trying to insult me and realizing how pathetic they truly are. I'm sorry, but I had to leave because there is just so much trouble with everyone and they are not worth the hassle. The only outcome is they will just drag you in, and there will be regrets upon regrets. If those people were gonna be your friends, it would have happened already. Just steer clear of people who contantly string you along. They are circling the drain and just trying to take their minds off it.

That being said, the assaults are enough to drive anyone crazy. The advertising, all the little slights that certain groups do to each other they will do to the new person if you don't strictly adhere to their social norms. You people go around acting like you can handle it but then when it all fouls up you are unable to handle it.

People are stupid. They know this, they don't need you to point it out. But they most certainly don't deserve a platform. I miss the old days when computers were occupied by users who didn't care and just wanted to have fun. It's more of a mocking podium then a social network at this point.

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