Variating Degrees

I reached out, and firmly closed my grasp until I was holding this thing by it's neck. It was squirming and wiggling about, lashing out as it whipped around realizng its own futility. When it calmed down and accepted the reality of defeat, I released and it broke free and squirmed off.

You know the one, they are out there fighting their own personal battles using whomever is convenient to boost themselves higher at whatever cost to anyone else. They've escaped judgement by ignoring their environment and have wrongly decided that's what victory is. They are the ones who run from themselves and in the process they create a trail of desctruction and become something they themselves swore they would never even come close to.

It's an intimite betrayal of their own soul. Destined to live out a future they were so scared of. Everyday putting on the final touches to their sadness machine they've created. Seems like a waste when there's so many other different eventualities.

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