What a disappointing week to say the least.

How disappointed was I this week that the best thing I could think of was a random word minimal effort post of some stock images. Well that's what happens I guess when you make an effort and actually expect the world to respond in a positive way without someone forcing it to. It's been a rough week and I'm not putting up with any more nonsense. I'm not going to deal with companies that treat consumers poorly because they have them in one of them, STRANGLE HOLDS! That kind of stuff won't fly any more. I'm also disappointed in many other things that I wasn't even aware of until now.

In life we have our choices to make. These choices lead us into certain situations, for instance when you think no one will notice you are wrong. Your action is very strict and has a direct effect on your own life in the cosmic universe. Things are constantly being sorted, they fit into places and that's what causes reactions. It's this sorting that no one can escape. The machine, satan, cthulu; It's been called many names, only a few truly know its face. When it's your turn, its definite and absolute.

I recently went on to look and see what's out there and I would like to point out that our freedoms are just being constantly tested and eroded day by day. Minute by minute. Do not accept anyone telling yo what you can or can't see, and asking you what you know is private and you don't want them to know. More so, Americans are being tested by traitors who would rather satisfy some imaginary debt monster then see their fellow countryman succeed. That's right folks, I'm talking about those who stab people in the back so they can pay their credit card bills.

Debt is a crazy thing. In the past debt was something few had, no one was proud of, and even less people truly understood the concept of debt. Today, nearly every single person has a loan, credit card, account, or payment plan they are part of or have been part of. Debt was something I didn't really understand either. I thought if a company lent you money, and you didn't pay them back, they just won't lend you money again right? Because companies were always telling us how much money they have. Well, that's simply incorrect. Debt is a way to force you into a certain sorting criteria. There are two choices you have some times. Do you choose to repay the debt by compromising yourself or your integrity? Or do you not? Eventually I had to make this choice. Some people simply aren't so lucky to be able to choose and they are also unfortunate to the fact they simply don't understand debt all that well.

Debt isn't a measure of failure or success. Debt isn't the end. If your survival depends on how much you can manage to borrow, you know something is seriously wrong.

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