What do you do when the world turns adversarial?

Well, maybe not the entire world, but it sure feels like it sometimes. Recently, I've had the displeasure of experiencing the perfect storm. Not only a nuisance, but an act of God himself. What do you do when the situation turns deadly? I recently had some of the most trying times. I lost a family member, I was really sick, pets passed, and I got scam after scam of bad business deals. I ordered a grocery from Walmart and it was never delivered. Too sick to fight back, I had to cancel and call my company up to dispute this. I was told to just wait, it will be okay. I'm not having it and it wasn't okay. I did wait and nothing happened. Also I had an Amazon order after order come by tainted. Each mail would be tainted in some way, it seemed the only thing that worked was doordash. Eventually this exhausted my funds.

Yes, the pandemic is a real thing. People are wishing harm upon others and feeling like they are the champions as they step over the dead corpses. So what do you do? Nothing. I've tried and tried. I now understand why so many people choose to freak out the way they do as they are hassled day in and day out. This anger builds up and gets bottled up time and time again until its so electrifyingly full that it just spills over like an explosion from a bomb. The world needs an outlet. Each day is lived with such fervor that people go through totally unaware they are closer to death. This is not an immortal state of living, we are all, one day, going to move on. Some may look at that as a sign to go nuts, to simply give up and live life without consequence. Others, see just how precious that makes life.

I chose to try to start a business and I tried to enter the hemp market. I had crafted 50+ of the most deliciously smooth, magical, hemp cartridges that mankind has seen. Gelato, SFV, Cookies, and Strawberry Cough. I had it going on. The website was beautifully themed, worked perfectly and was a simple one page, straight up pricing, $55 per cart. Not bad I thought, at the time these things were going for $70+ so I thought cool, I'll get in on the ground floor, neat! Unfortunately, no. Not neat at all. I could not place advertisements with google for Hemp products. Even though they are clearly advertising hemp. I guess just not for me. Finally, after placing ads, you spend so much money and have just bots enter your site with 0s page views. They don't even read it but you get charged for it. 0 Sales. Then you are made to believe its your fault. Conveniently, no one will say anything or pay you any attention, but all of the sudden they will come out at the end and blame you like it's your fault. It's a lot of little things like that and no support system. Look, they don't just make those memes for the heck of it out of thin air, they were inspired. These are not things that are character building, do not be fooled into accepting this way of life. No one deserves to have their situation made worse like this.

I used to hear these stories all the time and I would think why the heck would anyone want to mess with this person? Are they just making this stuff up? It seems so extreme. It was and it's real. Now I know that. I guess that's the nationwide sentiment right now.

Whatever the outcome is, just try to do what you want. Remember, you have to live your life, not someone else. Remember that.

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