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I've created another site. Music videos with a blog. So that way I can be a bit more free when I want to express something that the music makes me feel or allows me to express more freely. Plus its fun, that way, I can really archive some favorite tunes and have a place to expand when I get tired or start circling creatively. It takes work. I'd love to just pump out nothing but perfection but it wouldn't sell. It's a lot harder then it appears. Look around at all the perfection that is floating around and what is purchasable. The viable stuff, well, there's always more to the story then just the work itself. So where does one focus? Well, that's what I'm starting to figure out now.

Dealing with issues that have been with me all my life, I'm starting to be able to actually overcome them now. I'm more than amazed, I'm astounded and that's the reason for this flurry of activity. I can finally focus free of all the health issues that used to plague me. Truthfully, no one cares. These people take advantage of your weakness automatically and instantly. They don't even have time to think they do it so freqent. Getting a leg up and realizing how terrible these people truly are, well that's PRICELESS.

Enjoy this, I'm gonna link it after a while. Just did that aqua lime revolutionary theme for now. Music Videos Website Link

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