Frenzied state of being.

Is it just me or is everyone being whipped into a frenzy lately? I've noticed a lot of people who are unwilling to take what they are forced to endure. For years and years some of us have been hassled, agitated, and irritated by constant nonsense with seemingly no end in sight. All of the sudden, someone takes an abnormally acute interest in what is going on and decides to start at the end of the agitation, thus revealing only the response after many years of unseen torture. While powerless minions wag the finger in disapproval, never knowing the entire story. They will never realize how all they wanted was to help so bad instead damning their fellow man to a fate they would never knowingly even approve of. Not even remotely.

Fortunately, I listen to the inner voice that says just because I can, doesn't mean that I should. This, I am starting to see, is the key difference between success and failure at a certain level. It's as if doing the incorrect thing whips them into a frenzy. Instead of eventually having to accept their failure and the consequences that come along with it, they instead are thrust into some sort of madness frenzy where they manically deny failure and accept the disillusionment of false success. It's quite the spectacle.

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