Who? Me?

Being considered the “smart one” does have it’s disadvantages. Here’s why.

Before you cringe up, and if you already have I do apologize. But before you question my writing methods, I’d like to say that being considered smart is not always what it’s made out to be. Growing up, I had the knack for technology. I would fix everything inadvertently. It would break, and I would just be wiggling stuff (in my mind) and it would come back to life and I would all of the sudden be jolted out by the sudden shock of praises. “OH, STEPHEN! What did you do? You fixed it!” This is a phrase I’ve heard a lot in my life. Others would join in and ask me how I was able to accomplish such an amazing feat. They would be astonished that someone who appeared so stupid was able to accomplish something they weren’t able to even understand. Which I’ll have to admit was funny to me at first, and I guess it just because a part of me after a while. The truth is, I’m not some type of super genius. I’m a normal human being with limitless potential under the right circumstances. You have to nurture nature in order to experience the benefits from the rewards in a way that inspires you on this journey of life. These experiences and things that push us that much further, that propel us if you will.

However, these things are not smart concepts. They are normal concepts that a human experiences. We trick ourselves into thinking things are great or not so great and therefore we have an expectation of what things should be or what they should feel like. For instance, figuring out how something works is luck sometimes. Not only that, but what happens when you feed the individual bad information? The smartest individual in the world would be hard pressed if they weren’t lucky enough to figure out they were being lied to. It’s luck really, and how the situation unfolds. Unfortunately, the one’s making the decision don’t always get it right. This leads to systematic downfalls. For instance, people are chosen by how their academic records look. These people will go on to win the job if there are multiple candidates. Also, these people are busy constantly preparing by conversing with other people specifically for the purpose of being schooled for the very moment of the job interview, more than the job itself. This leads to a weakness. An Achilles’s heal if you will where someone could be trained like a Manchurian candidate and just walk in places getting jobs they are totally unqualified to get. People hire what appears to be an amazing candidate and what do they get? Nothing in return but a scam. It’s no wonder things are the way they are. These people are the one’s to watch out for, not in a bad way, but because they were part of a lineage of individuals who chose to take a path that simply didn’t work out. They should most definitely not be punished. That would be appalling. No one should be punished for making the wrong decision or getting something wrong. They should only be punished if they try to get other people to make the wrong decisions. Well, more stopped then punished. But I digress.

Being considered smart, when you really aren’t you are just a normal human being just like the rest of every one else really opens your eyes up to the way the world works. I take it as a blessing because sometimes people just get things wrong and we can all just be mass hallucinating our status and situations. It’s amazing and beautiful. I was living in a sterile world I created so I could gain a footing on reality again because I thought I had lost it. The world is just a complex place and I was just not smart enough to realize that. Being told all your life you are the smartest person you don’t question your own intelligence.

However, if one can remain humble the lessons learned from surviving such an experience can be worth the experience.

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