Streamlined Look

The site has been changed around with a modern theme. This is the landing page for the professional site for Stephen Littleton.

This is a way to list my contact information and a hub for any other projects that I intend to work on and share publicly. Everything I’ve worked on is either useless or outdated so far. I haven’t had much time to explore like I want to but I’m still making some progress. Right now, I’m using FIREBASE and Google’s Cloud based hosting. It’s nice! I’m lucky to be able to experience cloud hosting at a free tier level. I don’t think I would have been interested had it not been for this. I really do appreciate the opportunity to learn all this amazing technology coming out. When I say amazing, it’s amazing because it just works. It’s very powerful and the infrastructure behind the cloud is impressive. The only drawback I can see, is if they want to hit us with a price increase or a proprietary something or other. I guess then that would just be end of the line. Something to keep in mind I guess. I’m going to still host my neocities site as a more fun, let lose and joke around, kind of site. I’m going to keep this site top notch professional and what not. It will be a nice place to implement technology and have a landing page.

I’m looking forward to my future. There were a lot of stops along the way in life to get to this point. I’ve recently suffered some losses and am really ready to move on and experience life without all this baggage. Even though there are a lot of issues, when it clears up and gets better, there will be at least something worth it at the end. So I’m looking forward to that. I’ve decided to dedicate myself and make an actual attempt at being a pacifist. I’ve done terribly so far and I’m not liking it. The health crisis we all faced brought to light some issues that are really important and I was unaware of. Now that I am aware, I feel better prepared to deal with life. It’s as if I have a fighting chance now. Anyways, thanks for reading. Drop me a line, I love to get just random emails from actual people talking about anything thats not an advertisement. If you want to chat, I’m here, feel free to drop a message.

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